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The beaches

Naturist beaches in Morbihan

Kerminihy beach

The beach closest to the campsite,

Kerminihy beach, in the town of Erdeven, is located 6 km from the campsite. It is accessible by car by road but also by bike via cycle paths and hiking trails.

From the campsite, by car or by bike, go to Erdeven Town Hall. Go behind the town hall, turning left. Walk past the florist. After the bend, take the 2nd street on the left (there is a road sign indicating Plage de Kerouriec. Continue straight ahead. Arriving at a white and red portico, continue on the right. When you see a green hand statue, do not take turn right but continue your route following the sign “La Roche Sèche” (wooden sign). You will arrive at a car park. The first entrance to the naturist beach is number 9.