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Our Charter

Our Naturist Charter

“naturism is defined by living in harmony with nature through practising nudity alongside others in order to enhance self respect, respect for others and the environment”

The above definition of naturism – which was convened during the 14th International Naturism Congress in 1974 - is the naturism practised at this camp site.

Be sensible

  • Nakedness is generally practised during clement weather;
  • Partial clothing is acceptable under the following conditions :
    • During certain strenuous sporting activities;
    • During certain periods of the month for ladies;
    • Newly arrived adolescents.

Respect for others

  • Naturism is familial and convivial
  • Courtesy and good behaviour are expected and appreciated
  • Please note that wearing clothing whilst others are nude can be somewhat offensive to the naturist. We would therefore recommend that you leave your clothes in your suitcase as outward appearances are not how we judge our co-campers.
  • Photography of residents by cameras, mobiles phones or any other means is strictly forbidden without the authorization of the subject.
  • All kinds of offensive behaviour such as voyeurism, exhibitionism or any other act likely to offend the resident is forbidden.
  • Wearing of jewellery or ornaments on intimate parts of the body is not acceptable.

Respect of the environnement

  • Please respect the nature’s natural resources by economizing on water and electricity.
  • Please respect the cleanliness of you campsite, including the naturist beach.